Secure SaaS Networks

-  Offering a Managed Service for end to end Secure Virtual Network 
    Communities over any IP Transport including the Internet.

-  We Take the Fear and Uncertainty Out of Security,
   Compliance, and Internet Services
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Products - Our Products reduce the risk and cost of meeting your security and compliance needs. 

SaaS Networks offers an integrated solution comprised of the latest mix of security and virtualization technologies focused on unsurpassed end to end security and compliance reporting.  Our holistic solution to security, compliance, and management reporting is offered in two formats. 

    1.  SW License for installation and management by your own internal team

    2.  Managed Service over the internet using our secure virtual network topology manager. 

This allows for the creation of an unlimited number of branded virtual  network communities over any mix of network transports where you maintain control over your data and who can access it.  Our management console gives participants complete control over their data and applications and includes integrated authentication, authorization, encryption, SLA reporting, consumption based billing, and activity tracking.  Participants can add customers, participants, and applications as needed and can broker applications and services from other participants. 

By virtualizing the underlying transport into a secure community of connections where security is embedded in the network connection specific to every user and application, we eliminate the risk and cost associated with a traditional security model.  Our solution manages this complexity so you do not have to.       

Traditional network and application security is highly segregated and as a result present substantial challenges to integrating critical components across disparate applications, networks and users.  The SaaS Utility does this for you by assembling all the pieces into a holistic solution that secures the network for your applications, web services and critical data.  In addition we host applications that can be consumed as services and we allow you to offer your existing applications (from your data center or ours) as services through the utility to anyone with a network (internet or private) connection.  Services are offered on a subscription basis allowing you to establish predictable recuring revenue and cost models.       



Uses Include:

   -  Add compliance and audit reporting to existing applications with no or little modification to existing applications

   -  Securing existing applications for consumption outside your trusted network and apply a metered management model for cost recovery

   -  Securing your Web Services and SOA solution offerings internally and externally

   -  Add an additional layer of security and compliance reporting to your internal networks

   -  Elimination of the need for costly dedicated network lines while enhancing security and compliance reporting

   -  Consolidate network security components and VPN implementations

   -  Minimal risk and up front cost while increasing security and managment reporting

   -  Establish metered usage management for any application by tracking application usage across users and user groups

   -  Securely extend your network to partners and customer without risk and minimal cost

   -  Secure access to your SOA and Grid computing architectures with end to end audit reporting

Our dedicated staff are here to eliminate your security and compliance nightmares. 



Contact us to find out how we can increase your security and compliance needs while extending your reach. 

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